Environmental Grantmakers Association- 2011
New York, NY, USA

This project is for a small not-for-profit here in Manhattan that needed their office space to be as flexible as possible for a constantly fluctuating workforce and a relatively confining office space. Taylor and Miller's solution was to utilize the mechanics of an existing collapsible filing system to create office partitions that actually move to allow for reconfiguration of the offices. They can be configured to allow for up to seven workstations when fully separated and fully unfolded. They can also be configured to collapse completely, allowing precious space for events and larger team-centric workspaces. At a detail level, when occupying the space between two partitions, one can see that the inward faces of each has been excavated with the same shape. In other words, what is a storage box protruding on one side is a recessed storage cubby hole on the other. In this manner, the partitions are bound together spatially; the relationship between them becoming stronger and stronger as they are compressed together... until finally they are collapsed completely concealing the carved space within.
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