Walker Art Center Extension - 2015
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Architect: HGA

(Joan Soranno and John Cook)

For this project, TM Light has been tasked with designing the lighting for a new museum extension that includes a restaurant, entry lobby, and flexible lounge space. The design team has also been tasked to develop an updated lighting approach for the entire Walker Art Center exterior made up of the original Barnes-design building, the recently added Herzog and De Meuron building, and the new HGA designed extension.

For the new extension, TM Light is utilizing the architecture itself as a source and illuminating canvas for the interiors. The primary ambient light source is made of a composition of the light from two large skylights, art walls, under- bench lighting, and indirect lighting from the entry vestibule volume. Because of this, the lighting takes on a kind of ethereal quality, floating throughout and simply attaching itself to surfaces that are already meant to receive it; the source of light is completely subdued. For the more intimate lighting, at the tabletops, deployable lights are used for both interior and exterior seating, creating a warmer constellation of lighting at a human scale that separates itself from the other ambient light in the surrounding space.

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